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Bing Ads to roll out unified device targeting.

Patrick Swaddle, Senior PPC Analyst

The author

Patrick Swaddle

Senior PPC Analyst

The previously forecast update to Bing device targeting, which changes default targeting to all devices, is going to be rolled out next week on March 23rd 2015.

Unified device targeting will result in a number of impacts which advertisers need to consider and prepare for before the implementation date. Below are some of the upcoming changes and how they can be addressed.

Any duplicated campaigns targeting mobile and PC/Tablets separately must be merged. If this is not completed, there is the potential for duplicate campaigns to compete against each other.

All existing campaigns will automatically be opted in to target all devices, regardless of previous device targeting settings.

Bids and bid adjustments will not be changed by the migration. All bid adjustments going forward will be based on the desktop bid and you will now need to apply a percentage increase or decrease for tablet or mobile bids, at either ad group or campaign level.

To stop ads from showing on mobiles, apply a bid adjustment of -100%. It is not possible to opt out of tablet devices completely, but you can decrease your bids by adjusting them to a maximum of -20%.

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