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Marc Kay, PPC Analyst

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Marc Kay

PPC Analyst

Combine Analytics & Adwords to achieve better insights, bidding and results.

Google have published a guide for digital marketers which demonstrates that a greater level of insight into user behaviour can be achieved when Google Analytics is used in combination with your Adwords account.

Google addressed many of the common questions that advertisers ask in order to fully understand the value of the different types of traffic that they are driving to their site.

A common question we often hear is “Are any of my non-converting keywords still driving high quality traffic?”. It is possible to determine this by looking at the user interaction with your site using various metrics from Analytics, including time on page and pages viewed.

A range of questions like these have been covered in Google's document with the relevant reports and dimensions clearly laid out.

The guide, titled Better Together, explains how to get the most out of Analytics & Adwords by combining them to achieve better insights, bidding and results.

Below is an exerpt from the guide, showing Google's “one page checklist”:


If you want to find out more about applying Google's best practice approach and techniques to get the most from your marketing activity, we're here to help, just get in touch.