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SEO Specialist.


Epiphany / Jaywing have recently acquired digital marketing agency, Digital Massive, and as such we need more talented people to join our amazing rapidly expanding team! We employ over 600 people globally working across a range of marketing disciplines including search, data science, programmatic & social. Globally in search, we employ over 200 people alone.

What this means for you

  • Access to industry leading software developed for our global entity
  • Exposure to Tier 1 clients
  • Get in early and be a part of a rapidly expanding team!

our offering.

  • As an SEO Specialist you will be responsible for taking ownership of your clients' portfolio and their SEO campaigns from start to finish (strategy, implementation, leading client relationships)
  • You will work closely with the Head of SEO to help develop the department (overseeing junior team members, SEO, Content and Organic Social strategy implementation, and efficiency development)
  • Bring the natural enthusiast you are to the party – share industry news with the team and assist in service diversification as you see fit

key responsibilities.

  • Take control of brands that you will be managing - Do we want to take on this campaign? Is it worth your time and ours?
  • Strategise with clients to develop their total SEO strategy and advise on where they should be investing
  • Construct and manage campaigns from start to finish
  • Make commercial sense of the data and pull it all together
  • Stay up to date with industry trends by collaborating with the team internally and attending key industry events
  • Work closely with the Head of SEO to develop the department and streamline services
  • Support the Head of SEO and continue to develop this flourishing department

skills required.

  • Minimum 2+ years experience in similar role (preferably agency experience)
  • Hands on and implementation experience is a must
  • SEO campaign implementation and management is desirable
  • Track record of developing, implementing and optimizing cost-effective and high-performing SEO strategies
  • Sound knowledge of SEO performance, causation and correlation and other key SEO metrics
  • Experience with SEO aspects of site migration and launch
  • Ability to evaluate key SEO metrics
  • Strong understanding of content, content metrics and content strategies
  • Ability to audit websites, analyse data and formulate strategies
  • Attention to detail is paramount
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster/Search Console experience
  • Analytical & problem solving mindset
  • Strong time & project management skills
  • Your diary is your bible
  • Must love people and machines!

The thing that I enjoy about Epiphany is how much everyone in the team cares about clients’ campaigns and the results they get – no matter what the question or the problem, there’s always someone to help out.

Honor Baldry Account Director
Honor Baldry, Account Director