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Using cycling data to create bespoke music.

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We’re proud to have launched our latest creative project Cycle Tracks this week.

Cycle Tracks, built for Amplifon, is an innovative web experience which takes your Strava cycle ride data and transforms it into your very own bespoke music track which you can enjoy, edit and share.

The project aims to give people the kick-start to get back on their bikes in 2016 and bring their ride data to life through Cycle Tracks.

Amplifon push the boundaries for audio technology and we wanted Cycle Tracks to do the emulate that. The majority of the audio is generated mathematically using oscillators that are available as part of the Web Audio API. These raw oscillator sounds are manipulated with filters, envelopes and effects which are derived from your personal cycle ride data from Strava.

To complement the music, 3D visuals are generated from the cyclist’s data. This data comes directly from Strava to then be analysed creating the 3D world. Using WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering 3D graphics on the web, objects are created based on the analysis of the data. For example, the heights of certain triangles correlate with the grades of the current incline, and the quantity of lines rushing against the path is linked to the speed of the cyclist.

Depending on the time of day that the ride took place the environment is transformed into a morning, afternoon or evening theme. As well as this, whether viewing your own data from Strava, or one of the specially selected Pro Rides, both can be customised and shared. The instruments playing, musical scale and playback speed all can be adjusted to make a unique piece to share.

Design and Development team:

Joe Robinson: Senior Creative Designer

Stephen Griffin: Senior Front-End Developer

Thomas Nadin: Senior Developer