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Steve Baker, Chief Analyst

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Steve Baker

Chief Analyst

One of the big successes for Google in 2014 was Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

Google reported an increase in advertisers of over 50% year on year, and all of the indications are that 2015 will prove to be an even bigger year for this medium, as advertisers realise the benefits and Google find better ways to monetise them.

PLAs offer consumers the ability to see a product that they like, and its price, before they click on the advert. For consumers this makes it much easier to find products and compare prices, and advertisers see far better conversion rates as the clicks generated from PLAs are far more qualified.

Already, we’ve seen Google push these adverts into the most prominent area of the results page. While it remains to be seen what they will do to increase revenue from this new medium, some people are suggesting that customers will soon be able to buy directly from the search results page.

What is certain is that Google have never been slow to exploit new areas of opportunity, and that PLAs will be no different.

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