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Russell Anson, Senior PPC Analyst

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Russell Anson

Senior PPC Analyst

Google is set to roll out an update to improve the Estimated Total Conversions feature through the addition of 'store visits' insight data.

Last year, Google introduced Estimated Total Conversions within the AdWords interface, providing insight into how AdWords drives conversions for your business. The feature displays both the conversions you see today, like online sales, as well as an estimate of the conversions which take multiple devices to complete.

In the coming weeks, throughout the US, Google plan to enhance this feature with the additional measurement of store visits. This data is based on aggregated, anonymised data from a sample set of users who have their location history turned on, this data is then extrapolated to represent the broader population.

This new feature looks to be significantly beneficial for marketers as, according to Google/Ipsos research,  thirty-two percent of consumers are saying that location-based PPC ads have led them to visit a store or make a purchase.

It is increasingly important for businesses to understand the impact which search ads have in driving customer visits to physical locations - whether that’s a store, hotel, car dealership or restaurant - and that they fully utilise all the available features to maximise every opportunity.


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