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Matt Buckley, PPC Manager

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Matt Buckley

PPC Manager

Google Trusted Stores is a free certification program which reassures customers that they will have a good experience when buying from your shop.

Having become a sought after feature, Google Trusted Stores still recieves a love/hate relationship with many advertisers. Previously, merchants had to set up feeds for both shipping and cancellations, so it required a lot of upfront work and simply wasn’t achievable for some businesses.

However, Google have now relaxed these regulations and are allowing merchants to join without creating these feeds. Now, all it takes is a few snippets of code on your site.

There are benefits for both customers and retailers when joining the Trusted Stores program. Customers receive purchase protection of up to £1000 in case of any issues with their orders. Merchants can display a Google badge on site along with their seller rating - assuming that their rating is good, this will help drive sales.

Merchants will also be able to use this seller rating in their Adwords adverts, encouraging more customers to click through to their site from the search results. On top of this, any adverts belonging to a Merchant in the program will also be eligible to show an extra line of text, indicating that they are enrolled in the program.

Businesses can sign up to the free programme directly on the Trusted Stores webpage. If you'd like to find out more, or discuss how this could help your business grow, get in touch.