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Google announce mobile-friendliness ranking factor.

Richard Lawrence, Head of Key SEO Clients

The author

Richard Lawrence

Head of Key SEO Clients

The announcement comes following a wave of activity around mobile recently, including seemingly testing a ‘Slow’ label in the search results this week.

This is the first time an actual date has been given ahead of time for an algorithm change – giving webmasters just under two months to ensure their site is ‘mobile friendly’ before they may start to notice the update potentially having an impact on their organic visibility.

Google have previously supplied a tool to help marketers find out how friendly their site is to mobile users, or at least how friendly they perceive your site to be by Google, which is definitely worth looking at in the very near future.

In addition, following the 2013 announcement that Google will index app content, it was also announced that they will start displaying app content for relevant searches to users that have the app installed (and are signed in to Google). An important step in trying to ensure that mobile content is open rather than ring-fenced.