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Michael Ellis, Conversion Analyst

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Michael Ellis

Conversion Analyst

Facebook now offers product-specific ads, which allow brands to showcase individual products over the social media site.

The update reinforces Facebook’s advertising proposition and will undoubtedly challenge Google’s Shopping ads. The advanced targeting options within Facebook and its ability to track users across devices puts it in a great position to take market share away from Google.

Similar to current Facebook targeting, ads can be shown based on specific audiences, interests and locations. Product ads can also be shown across mobile devices providing a far greater reach than what was previously available through Facebook Exchange.

The ability to show highly-targeted, product-specific ads, provides marketers with a powerful way of engaging with their customers through Facebook.

Google Shopping Introduces Delivery Costs

At a time when Google sees increased competition from Facebook, it has improved its Shopping Ads product by including delivery costs within the ads.

A high delivery cost is one of the most common reasons for customers to abandon their baskets and fail to convert. This update allows advertisers to show delivery costs before the customers click through to the page, reducing bounce-rates and wasted ad spend.

A further update that could improve Google’s delivery costs is Carrier-calculated rates. This generates delivery costs dynamically from a range of supported carriers to show in the ad copy. Although it’s currently only available in the US, like most google features, this is likely to launch in the UK shortly.