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Giada Suleri

PPC Executive

Resetting advert stats triggers an editorial review of the entire advert. As ads under review are not eligible to show, they would be miss out on clicks and conversions for this time.

The two components of destination URLs, site landing page URL and tracking parameters, are treated distinctly in the upgraded URLs feature. The destination URL field is replaced by a final URL field and a new field for tracking management.

The benefits of using this new URL structure include quicker, simpler management of URL tracking updates as well as reduced website crawl and load times.

Upgraded URLs are being rolled out globally this week and advertisers have been encouraged to upgrade to the new structure by 1st July 2015.

Valuetrack Parameters

Advertisers can also benefit from additional advert insights from the new ValueTrack parameters. These allow further information regarding advert performance to be gathered, which can then be used to optimise AdWords campaigns.

For instance, Valuetrack can be used to find out whether the majority of your ad clicks are coming through the Google Search Network or Display Network by using the following URL parameters:

{ifsearch:[value]} for search

{ifcontent:[value]} for display

You can also determine which keyword triggered an ad that a user clicked on, as well as what the keyword's match type was. In this case, you would use both the {keyword} and {matchtype} parameter which would result in the URL looking like this:{keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}

These are just a few examples of how ValueTrack can be used. For more information on how to set it up and how it works, read here or get in touch.